We have many memories of our 2004 trip to South Africa—the beautiful landscape, our three-day safari photographing animals only previously seen in confining zoos, our visit inside a family’s Zulu Hut, our aerial climb to the top of Table Top Mountain, tours to landmarks, such as Robbins Island where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 17 years, and of course, the lovely people of South Africa.  The people carry in their expressions their beauty, pride, and strength.  And, though they are of various tribes and cultures, they have a common history, which a short time ago re-established their ties to their land.  When visiting the finest of restaurants, government buildings, and financial institutions; we always took notice of the incredibly beautiful and exquisite bronze statues of the "people" on display.  They were created by the Sculptor Casper Darare, whose strength lies in his amazing ability to create human figures with great expression, sensitivity, and mood.  In his lifetime, Casper Darare created a beautiful finished product that reflected the proud traditions of Africa in traditional form.  He captured the people of the Xhosa Tribe with their rich cultural heritage, people who played an important part in the development of South Africa.  The most famous member of the Xhosa, Nelson Mandela, became South Africa’s first president elected in a democratic election in 1994.  The Masai Warrior and his bride show the incredible courage and tradition of their people, while the wisdom of the Basotho Witchdoctor is etched in his face.  And, of course the Zulus are well known for their courageous defense of their homeland.

We import only a modest supply of Casper Darare’s work, representing a Limited Edition number of his original sculptures of the above-mentioned and other tribes that his artwork represents.  His sculptures are well crafted of a solid "multi-metal" combination of brass, copper, nickel and bronze, giving each piece its contrasting color and shade.  A certificate of authenticity accompanies each piece.

Casper Darare is a South African artist of Shona descent.  The late Casper Darare's artworks are world renowned.  He was commissioned by the British Royal family and his work was displayed in the Louvre in France.  Since the 1970’s his sculptures have been exhibited in major galleries in South Africa, the United States, Holland, the United Kingdom and Singapore.  They are sought by collectors worldwide – Queen Elizabeth’s collection includes two of his pieces—and recognized as amongst South Africa’s best known.  Royalties on each sale are paid to the widow Darare.

The Artist - Casper Darare
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